quiet the mind frequently


silence judgment often


connect to your inner source of wisdom


remove clutter from your home and your life


create more non-active moments


give your undivided attention to simple tasks


use sources that nourish, promote growth, provide energy, and maintain life
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Hardwire Your Life for Peace

We can all feel happy, even ecstatic about certain situations in our lives. It’s maintaining that state even when we are met with the most difficult challenges. Some have said that if we eliminate stress, we can be happy. Others, if we become more grateful and compassionate we can be happy.  I maintain that when we find a way of peaceful living, we can access many positive traits that make us resilient and consistently happy, even through challenging times. But it is the practice and not just the knowing that reinforces this way of being.

Love Simple Living is one avenue to the practice. It is borne out of years of personal practice, trial and error, life challenges and disappoints and constant states of happiness and bliss. I lean toward Eastern studies in spirituality, mindfulness, yoga, meditation and most recently, neuroplasticity. Being out in nature calms and renews me. Design fuels my creativity. Simple living supports my need to manage the chaos and complexities of life. Contribute if you’d like, absorb if any of this resonates with you. But in every way, every day, I wish you peace.