I like using oils to calm me.

The scent of pure oils like those created by Young Living capture my senses as soon as I remove the lid, releasing a scent into the air that immediately calms and relaxes me. I often roll a small amount on my wrist and inhale it a couple of times to get the full effect. Essential oils have a wonderful way of connecting to the brain and, thus the nervous system, in ways that convey a unique perspective of the external world. It is part of a multisensory integration (sight, sound, smell, taste and touch) that creates unique experiences that emerge when signals from different sensory channels are bound together. My favorite essential oils for calming me are Young Living’s StressAway and Frankinscense. Discover yours!

How to start making essential oils a part of your routine.

1. Go to www.youngliving.com

  • Choose “United States (English)”
  • In the upper left corner, click on “Become a Member”

2. Choose "member" (not retail customer)

3. Use #10235472 for Sponsor and Enroller number

4. Complete your account setup

  1. Create a user name, password, and 4-digit pin. MAKE SURE TO WRITE THIS INFORMATION DOWN. You will need it in order to log in.
  2. Now you can choose your starter kit.

I like yoga and meditation for everything else.

Contemplative Practice Transforms Us

Contemplative practice of any kind, but Yoga in particular, has proven to improve well-being by reducing our response to stress, creating fluidity and opening us to mindfulness.

How Yoga Transforms Us

It is commonly thought that in order to meditate you need to stop all thoughts. This is not true at all. Actually, having thoughts is perfectly normal. When you notice you are being distracted by thoughts, gently bring your attention back to the breath. Breathe in and breathe out. It will improve your ability to focus and concentrate.