Peaceful Living



Here are a few tips for creating your “space” of peace and experiencing a greater sense of well-being:


  • Open your space to the flow of energy. Remove boxes and clutter from living areas. Consider placing some furniture at angles and away from the walls.
  • Use art to energize, soothe and warm your area.
  • Open your space to sunlight and nature by keeping blinds and curtains open.
  • Where possible, use fountains, fresh flowers or plants to create a soothing environment.
  • Keep plants and flowers healthy, dying plants draw energy down and away from you.
  • Soften your lighting. Overhead lights and lighting from floor lamps broadly illuminate a room, providing for less intimacy. Table lamps placed in specific areas of a room can provide a soothing, intimate feeling and relax your spirit.
  • Use colors to activate the peace centers in your mind and body. Pastels, neutrals and egg shell whites can often serve to relax the spirit and calm the soul.
  • Keep it clean and clutter (Download free tips for organizing) Dust and dirt are not always as visible as clutter, but it can have the same draining effect on your chi ( or energy).