Serenity Design

Serenity design begins with an assessment

It measures your ability to be flexible, adaptable and calmly “roll with the punches”. Initially it helps identify aspects of your behavior that are counter-productive to peaceful living. As a journaling tool it helps you, at the end of the day, assess how successful your practice of objectivity, calm and contentment have been. In short, the assessment helps you measure the effectiveness of your “contemplative” practice.

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The assessment begins with questions . . .

The questions are about how you start your day to how you observe your encounters with people, to how much clutter you live with. It heightens your awareness and enhances your mindfulness practice. By answering each question, you begin to notice the subtle intrusions of thoughts and stress-inducing habits that distract you from your serenity.

The questions focus your attention . . .

You practice listening to the sounds and noises you hear upon waking and how intrusive they are. It requires you think about the sensory experience you feel as you move through the day and how you are affected, positively or negatively, to those experiences.  It may cause you to look at your life entirely differently.