I believe in the holistic connection between design, environment and behavior.

me12My name is Diane Pruitt and I am an entrepreneur. I enjoy the creative process of interior designing, but I also have a curiosity about lifestyle behavior and the impact of the environment on well-being.

I have always been drawn to simplicity in living. And I realize it is different for everyone. For me it means replacing chaos, stress and clutter with tranquility and minimalism.

I worked most of my life in “Corporate America”, chasing the “American Dream”. Eight years ago I began a journey of self discovery and “soul” renewal. I love my life now. It is far more simple, giving me time to take better care of myself and bring more value to my relationships, and hopefully, to my community.

I am a serenity architect, entrepreneur and creative. It’s hard to choose any of these over the other since I enjoy them all. I have a BA in Urban and Environmental Studies and a Master’s degree in Public Administration. I also have a diploma in Interior Design.